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  • USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    01. 28. 2007 10:35

Welcome to my guide on the ships of the United States Navy in Navy Field! This
guide is a compilation of the knowledge of many players, new and veteran alike, and
is always growing. If you feel that something needs to be added, simply post in this
thread (or even better, send me a message) and I'll see if it's worth adding. I'm
always looking for more viewpoints about the ships in the game, so don't hesitate to
add something.

While the US is listed as being the most balanced nation in NF, many veteran players
will say otherwise from experience. Nonetheless, the US can be a fun nation to play;
some times you'll be very happy that you chose the US as your nation, though there
will also be times when you'll wonder why you chose it in the first place. It's true
that the US doesn't have any real strengths, but it also doesn't have many glaring
weaknesses, as the other nations do.


I. Update Log

II. Contributions and thanks

III. Basics of the game

IV. Destroyers
-Gearing DDR
-DDX Project

V. Light Cruisers
-Juneau II

VI. Heavy Cruisers
-New Orleans

VII. Ship Tree Branches

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 13. 2010 19:03

Well yes, this game does include some ships that never existed, and fails to include some
ships that did. Most of it is for game balance. If we used only ships that really
existed, the KM navy would have very few ship classes in it. Likewise, using every
existing ship would choke the US, UK, and IJN with extraneous choices on it's ship line.

For that reason, you won't see a Utah or Florida class battleship, as it would come in the
ship tree BEFORE the Nevada or even the New York class, which would either suck or trample
all over the cruiser choices.

But no, you listed multiple ships of the Essex class, for example, and suggested they wre
not represented in game. Hence my response.

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 13. 2010 13:38

and some ships are fictional,for example,the Super Yamato,was never built because
of the demand of other war ships are met,the 2 A-150 class BB construction was

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 13. 2010 13:07

if some of the stuff i typed are wrong i guess i need to correct them right
away,storm.. maybe not cause i dont think tahts gonna be necesary well, since
noww i get wat ur sayin,i get to know more about the ww2 ships,which means the
Wichita(CL),St louis(CL),Saipan(CV),Long Island(CV),Sangamon(CV),Casablanca
(CV),Commencement Bay(CV),Dolphin(SS),Nautilus(SS) class is not in the game ,am i
rite,if not,people,pls correct my mistakes
(if these infos contains no mistakes,then this is message to storm,"Am I Right or

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 12. 2010 07:26

Can I ask why you are posting about CV and BB classes under a DD, CL, CA thread?

Ben, you should look up what a "ship class" means. The only difference between Yorktown,
Hornet, and Enterprise was the NAME of the ship. They were otherwise darn near identical.
Therefore, they're represented in game.

USS Hornet(CV-8) - Yorktown class
USS Enterprise(CV-6) - Yorktown class
USS Saratoga(CV-3) - Lexington class
USS Ranger(CV-4) - correct, not represented in game
USS Wasp(CV-7) - Yorktown class variant
USS Bennington(CV-20) - Essex class
USS Bon Homme Richard(CV-31) - Essex class
USS Bunker Hill(CV-17) - Essex class
USS Franklin(CV-13) - Essex class
USS Hornet(CV-12) - Essex class
USS Intrepid(CV-11) - Essex class
USS Lexington(CV-16) - Essex class
USS Wasp(CV-18) - Essex class
USS Yorktown(CV-10) - Essex class

USS Texas(BB-35) - New York class
USS Arkansas(BB-33) - correct, not represented in game, Wyoming class
USS Oklamhoma(BB-37) - Nevada class
USS Arizona(BB-39) - Pennsylvania class
USS Idaho(BB-42) - New Mexico Class
USS Mississippi(BB-41) - New Mexico Class
USS California(BB-44) - Tennessee class
USS Maryland(BB-46) - Colorado class
USS West Virginia(BB-48) - Colorado class
USS Washington(BB-56) - South Dakota (II) class
and so on....

> I wish they have AMs (Mine Sweeper)in the game

They do. Frigates and Destroyers can perform this role, though there are no separate ship
classifications for them. They can spot mines, and any gun, even an AA gun, can destroy a
mine with one or more shots.

> PT (Mini sized hard-to-hit 35-40 knts speedy torp boat)in the game,only if they
> have them and can be able to launch them.

PT boats were not "launched". They were based out of forward island staging areas,
similar to land-based bombers. Neither of which is represented in game because capital
ships do not carry them except under bizarre circumstances.

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 10. 2010 18:34

through all the ships i look at there are some ships that were in WW2 but not in this
game of the USS(United States Ship)
WW2 USS ships that is not in NavyField

CVs [Year Commissioned] [Year Lost]

USS Hornet(CV-8) Oct 20 1941--Oct 26 1942

USS Enterprise(CV-6) May 12 1938

USS Saratoga(CV-3) Nov 16 1927

USS Ranger(CV-4) Jun 4 1934

USS Wasp(CV-7) Apr 25 1940--Sep 15 1942

USS Bennington(CV-20) Aug 6 1944

USS Bon Homme Richard(CV-31) Nov 26 1944

USS Bunker Hill(CV-17) May 24 1943

USS Franklin(CV-13) Jan 31 1944

USS Hornet(CV-12)(Another Hornet) Nov 29 1943

USS Intrepid(CV-11) Aug 16 1943

USS Lexington(CV-16)(AnotherLexingtonButNotInTheGame) Feb 17 1943

USS Wasp(CV-18)(Another Wasp) Nov 24 1943

USS Yorktown(CV-10)(AnotherYorktownButNotINTheGame)Apr 15 1943
And so on........

USS Texas(BB-35) Apr 15 1914
USS Arkansas(BB-33) Sep 9 1912
USS Oklamhoma(BB-37) May 2 1916--Dec 7 1941
USS Arizona(BB-39) Oct 17 1916--Dec 7 1941
USS Idaho(BB-42) Mar 24 1919
USS Mississippi(BB-41) Dec 18 1917
USS California(BB-44) Aug 10 1921
USS Maryland(BB-46) Jul 21 1921
USS West Virginia(BB-48) Dec 1 1923
USS Washington(BB-56) May 15 1941
and so on....

I wish they have AMs (Mine Sweeper)in the game,and if the CVs and other ships
gets to launch aircrafts,i might as well as want to see ships launching PT (Mini sized
hard-to-hit 35-40 knts speedy torp boat)in the game,only if they have them and can
be able to launch them.

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 10. 2010 15:52

when i go to the german shipyard,there were a shiptype i never seen on other
nations ship,it says PS(Panzer Schiffe)(Armored Ships),thats strange,wen i was in
the battle room when it wasnt battle ready yet,there was a window above showing
how many ships are in wat team,how many ship class ships are in the battle
room,and how many ships in the battle room,but never have i seen the word PS on
top where there there are the words FF,DD,SS,CL,CA,BB,CV,and CB

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 08. 2010 00:14

Thanks.Your guides are very useful.

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 05. 2010 08:00

Ben, a battlecruiser is a type of battleship, and is not a cruiser. (there's a real
historical reason for that, but I won't repeat it again.) Hence it's covered in the
battleship guide, not the smaller-ships guide.

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 02. 2010 12:17

in fact, alot of ur table of contents infos are missing informations,which is somewat

  • Re : USN DD, CL, CA Guide

    04. 02. 2010 12:15

Hey! u forgot the USS Alaska!

It's a battle criuser
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