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  • If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    11. 09. 2005 13:23

Please, if you crash, every time you crash, Please check your Navy Field Folder
c:\program files\sdenternet\navyfield\) for any files ending with .rpt

If you find these files please send a copy with a breif description of what happened
before/during your crash, include the .rpt file with a Contact Support ticket.

If we do not do this the Dev team will have a much more difficult time in solving these

If you have not done so already, pleae look at the Stickied post Titled: "Common
Problems/Fixes. READ FIRST!" there may be something in there to help you out.



*edited by eze1 - removed [email protected] email address and replaced it with
Contact Support.*

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    04. 30. 2006 10:32

When we send a RPT file should we delete it afterwards?

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    04. 23. 2006 17:26

I have the file "NFLPSR.RPT".

whenever i try to log into NF, it just stays at the screen as if it is trying to log in until
a message comes up that says "The connection to the server has been lost" and
then when i click on the only option (cancel), the program crashes. i haven't been
able to log in for a week now.

EDIT: i tried to attach the file and send it to the email "[email protected]" but i
got a message that the file was not a valid type that could be attached.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    03. 22. 2006 05:29

k i know this is stupid to ask but what is a crash?cause if crashing is like freezing in
battel or something then IM CRASHING ALOT!

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    02. 11. 2006 14:24

im having troulbe loging in my account it keeps on saying "diffrent loggin something
server" something like that i dont know what the proplem is can somebody tell me
what the proplem is and the answer is so i can fix it.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    02. 10. 2006 10:50

Are theses log files?

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    02. 08. 2006 03:58


conetion lost i am from dk and will you have i shall pay for this and there are no ppl :(

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    02. 07. 2006 03:23

Are the RPT files supposed to open and contain text? I tried opening it with notepad
and saw nothing in it but I have crashed twice during gameplay. The file is 0 kb by
the way.


  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    02. 03. 2006 05:52

Thanks Team NF for a way to help us help you.
Stop knockin' Team NF for not responding. I can imagine how useful and kind the emails sent
to Team NF are by reading these forums.

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    02. 01. 2006 00:27

hope u guys fixed this by now..

  • Re : If you Crash. PLEASE READ

    01. 24. 2006 20:01

well would it saying "cant execute client" cound as the crash?