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  • UK BB Ranges(Outdated Since BB34 Patch)

    09. 27. 2006 14:30

ok, since I see too many ppl asking about the ranges of guns and tarrifs info is
outdated and not too accurate I will post my results here.
This is ONLY to compare the range of the UK guns I don't even provide you with an
absolute distance as I do not want this to become a flaming post about nation's
advantages, disadvantages and so on...
I tested every gun with 10 full salvos from my Lion's three guns at max angle,
shooting north, took 1 picture each and let my computer calculate a average

(And yes - contrary to the common misbelief, the average range is, what counts.
Higher gunners with less spread DO NOT shoot further then low level gunners. In fact, some
stray shells from crappy gunners will fall further ahead then they do if shot by a
blocking gunner - and.. my gunners block all guns anyways ;-)

update :
old gun ranges thrown out since nothing changed from the PBB patch to this one - except
the lvl120 guns.

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  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post SBB patch)

    09. 26. 2009 08:37

Strange game navyfield, while spending 50% of your time being outranged and annihilated
(almost immediately) by higher ranged bb's and the other 50% trying to study numerous old

When you do try and use tactics and stay out of range and sneak in when their busy with
others, players like fleetrr flame you ingame for not rushing in a dying straight away.

When users do try and post informative posts on gun ranges, navyfield updates and renders
them entirely useless so I have no idea what has changed and whats current. I can't even
test guns myself as navyfield discourages changing guns by not returning 100% credits when
you replace.

What is the purpose of UK BB1-BB3 as as far as I can see their almost outgunned, outranged
and outpaced. Any element of enjoyment is quickly being replaced by frustration.

/whine over

btw thank you for the guide Adalbert.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post SBB patch)

    08. 28. 2009 12:50

good information.....very good post

  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post SBB patch)

    06. 26. 2009 08:44

any hope of gettin new gun ranges ?

  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post SBB patch)

    06. 18. 2009 10:41

This is useless as with most guides on these pages now can we delete some please

  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post SBB patch)

    06. 07. 2009 17:57

...the thought that I will have virtually the same range for for almost 30 levels makes me
a sad panda...

  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post SBB patch)

    06. 06. 2009 13:04

the picture is very useful

  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post SBB patch)

    02. 22. 2009 06:02

very nice..very very nice.,.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post SBB patch)

    02. 05. 2009 13:58

It's good picture for beginner with bb1 bb2!

  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post SBB patch)

    01. 25. 2009 18:47


  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post SBB patch)

    01. 12. 2009 04:34

we love u adal... <3
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