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  • UK BB Ranges(Outdated Since BB34 Patch)

    09. 27. 2006 14:30

ok, since I see too many ppl asking about the ranges of guns and tarrifs info is
outdated and not too accurate I will post my results here.
This is ONLY to compare the range of the UK guns I don't even provide you with an
absolute distance as I do not want this to become a flaming post about nation's
advantages, disadvantages and so on...
I tested every gun with 10 full salvos from my Lion's three guns at max angle,
shooting north, took 1 picture each and let my computer calculate a average

(And yes - contrary to the common misbelief, the average range is, what counts.
Higher gunners with less spread DO NOT shoot further then low level gunners. In fact, some
stray shells from crappy gunners will fall further ahead then they do if shot by a
blocking gunner - and.. my gunners block all guns anyways ;-)

update :
old gun ranges thrown out since nothing changed from the PBB patch to this one - except
the lvl120 guns.

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  • Re : UK BB gunranges (updated post BB12P patch)

    02. 24. 2008 02:02

updated... please give it a sticky again.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    02. 22. 2008 15:24

Good point. Do the gun ranges here represent ONF patch gun ranges?

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    02. 22. 2008 08:31

The 15"/42 mkI and MkII data looks outdated. Were the ranges adjusted along
with the levels? or is the range chart still valid?

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    02. 12. 2008 10:22

Thanks for this adalbert. Now I can plan out when to change my guns on my new
RN BB line.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    02. 08. 2008 10:50

What is the range of the single 15 inch gun?

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    02. 03. 2008 10:55

I am PLing some UK gunners and while I was looking for a good combo ship/guns, I noticed
that on the initial post here, the RP12L guns are level 66; whereas in they
are level 64 guns.

As I never had a UK BB to see for myself, is wrong for posting them as lvl
64, or is the info here wrong>? Anyone?

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    01. 28. 2008 05:16

they are there (look on the lower right side)

however as some of the ranges were changed those are the ranges that are innaccurate at
the current time.


  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    01. 28. 2008 05:04

this is very nice, but i dont see info for lower level BB 1-2 guns...

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    01. 24. 2008 21:46

that is right, heatrr. I have not and will not add premium-gun ranges because they disgust
me.... and because I don't have one ;-)
And wew, it's still *somewhat* accurate as we haven't changed the range of too many guns
in ONF yet. However I'll wait with an update until we are done with the ONF balance

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    01. 24. 2008 04:35

Uhuh.... you mean you find KM FF ranges... in this topic...
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