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  • UK BB Ranges(Outdated Since BB34 Patch)

    09. 27. 2006 14:30

ok, since I see too many ppl asking about the ranges of guns and tarrifs info is
outdated and not too accurate I will post my results here.
This is ONLY to compare the range of the UK guns I don't even provide you with an
absolute distance as I do not want this to become a flaming post about nation's
advantages, disadvantages and so on...
I tested every gun with 10 full salvos from my Lion's three guns at max angle,
shooting north, took 1 picture each and let my computer calculate a average

(And yes - contrary to the common misbelief, the average range is, what counts.
Higher gunners with less spread DO NOT shoot further then low level gunners. In fact, some
stray shells from crappy gunners will fall further ahead then they do if shot by a
blocking gunner - and.. my gunners block all guns anyways ;-)

update :
old gun ranges thrown out since nothing changed from the PBB patch to this one - except
the lvl120 guns.

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  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    10. 31. 2007 23:54

ranges have changed :(

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    10. 29. 2007 11:48

thank you for this guide adal but then team nf go and adjust the ranges, lol , oh
well. nvm.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    10. 27. 2007 13:53

Lifesaver infos thanks very much... good job...

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    10. 18. 2007 05:12

was there any range nerfing since this thread was posted?

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    10. 15. 2007 00:35

very useful thanks for posting this

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    10. 08. 2007 19:12

nice and pretty impressive indeed

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    10. 08. 2007 15:02

very nice and these seem pretty true...nice work :D

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    08. 01. 2007 13:36

nice work

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    07. 31. 2007 10:59

Apparently I just missed the 2x14 indication in the pic - it happens :)

Probably still would have asked though as the pic isn't the best at indicating such a
small difference - appreciate the clarification. Too bad they don't match up better -
though I realize that the setup wouldn't actually see much use given the current
setups favoured for the ship.

thanks and also thanks for the post that started all this - very informative.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    07. 30. 2007 09:32

The chart helps certainly, but the dual 14s while having slightly less range are also not
perfectly accurate, so at times they will match or exceed the range of the quads due to
variations of spread, at least in my experiences running them on the KGV.
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