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  • UK BB Ranges(Outdated Since BB34 Patch)

    09. 27. 2006 14:30

ok, since I see too many ppl asking about the ranges of guns and tarrifs info is
outdated and not too accurate I will post my results here.
This is ONLY to compare the range of the UK guns I don't even provide you with an
absolute distance as I do not want this to become a flaming post about nation's
advantages, disadvantages and so on...
I tested every gun with 10 full salvos from my Lion's three guns at max angle,
shooting north, took 1 picture each and let my computer calculate a average

(And yes - contrary to the common misbelief, the average range is, what counts.
Higher gunners with less spread DO NOT shoot further then low level gunners. In fact, some
stray shells from crappy gunners will fall further ahead then they do if shot by a
blocking gunner - and.. my gunners block all guns anyways ;-)

update :
old gun ranges thrown out since nothing changed from the PBB patch to this one - except
the lvl120 guns.

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  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    01. 24. 2008 04:32

dude wrong section

look in KM section

  • Find FF Km

    01. 24. 2008 03:32

i find ranges of FF Km help me please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    01. 23. 2008 13:59

I may be wrong, but I don't believe the standard PBB (ie.: dunkie) gun (ie. quads
13"s) range has been incorporated yet.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    01. 18. 2008 11:24

does this need to be updated at all or is all this information still current?

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    11. 27. 2007 07:17

great job

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    11. 24. 2007 12:16

Verry good work!! This is usefull !! Ty verry mutch!

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    11. 18. 2007 05:08

I like what u did, really, i do. Tarrifs information is pretty good. This is very usefull.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    11. 12. 2007 04:31

Indeed I do not currently play NF anymore...

but since I am part of ONF and we changed the range of the guns, I might log in one
of the 'real' servers again soon and give this thread an update.

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    11. 09. 2007 12:55

this thread was a year ago and I doubt the one who made this thread still plays NF.

Yes, the patch did quite tweaked the ranges so of course it won't be accurate. You
should still thank this sticky to give everyone the main idea and impression of the UK
gun ranges either way. It's a treasure for blitz grads accounting that if they ever
look at the forums. =/

I assume these ranges were all recorded with LHE shells. Though it's non-applicable
to the topic but just wondering...

  • Re : UK BB gunranges

    11. 01. 2007 01:16

Yep they have been changed
can anyone repost this with the correct ranges?
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