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    07. 13. 2011 07:32

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So i was thinking instead of  a smoke bomb you could produce a smoke screen out your funnels that would block sight and hinder the accuracy adjustment as smoke bombs do know,
To counter this problem you would have to move a scout to the other side of the smoke screen.
The smoke screen could last for ten sec then slowly disappear.
The smoke could have a cannister or bar that would give you a gauge of how much oil you have left to produce smoke, this could work the same as smoke bombs and a bomb would be a cannister that could last for 3 sec.
I think this would work well because as you rush the smoke is behind you and  isn't effective but as you turn and retreat it masks you.

As for submarines they could retain the smoke bombs.
I belive they did have a form of smoke bomb but they were made using toxic chemicals that would be hazards to the crew but as a sub this wouldnt effect them.

Look forward to hearing some variations on this idea.
I found this website on WW2 smoke screens


  • Re : Change Smoke

    07. 13. 2011 08:24

recomended since this was a real and the true form of naval smoke screen in the War they did in fact burn oil aft of the ship to provide cover when running from superior forces

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    07. 13. 2011 09:52

My idea was to have a special device mounted on a ship (i.e Kita), that would steam around with a constant flow of smoke like in real life, about 20-30 seconds of discharge. The smoke would last about 30 seconds before dissipating.

If NF could add in weather, then the wind could move smoke from north to south, east to west, or diagonally.

NF is too focused on adjusting insignificant and irrelevant problems such as MN gun ranges or SN armor problems.

Putting up a change like this involves actually coding and programming. NF hasn't done that since....WWII.

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    07. 13. 2011 10:05

Dont agree that range/speed/armor issues are irrelevant.

Agree that this is a good idea. The code is in there somewhere (clouds and their movement). weather would only be a matter of adding more clouds, increasing their speed, and dimming the lights as in night battle. As for smoke, the code is already there with the wake trails that the ship leaves behind or most visibly the burning of crippled ships.

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    07. 13. 2011 11:48

I've posted the same idea somewhere within the "old data" I believe. So I agree very much and liking your suggestions benjamin. Would give destroyers another job also as they would be fast enough to dart out and lay down the screen and reatreat back.

Maybe the code is there or not I do not know but this would be different from clouds and wake. Smoke bombs now behave the same as though you fired a cloud. However this screen would need to be able to block anyone from seeing anything thats on the opposite side not just anything within the screen. I do not believe anything similar to that exists does it.

However I also realised a problem, now planes can go behind the screen and sight the vessels can't they. This would just restrict the visibility gained by your teams ships. And seeing as the vast majority in sight is gained through planes rather than the ships sight then this could be rather pointless in GB's.

  • Re : Change Smoke

    07. 13. 2011 19:27

Great point Tipsypo, to solve this they could cause the smoke to drift backwards towards the edge of screen.
So depending what side you started on then smoke would always drift back that direction

  • Re : Change Smoke

    07. 14. 2011 15:43

lol i see it now a kita rushing and making a smoketrail
that will move to its team side slow and stady for 30 sec great cover for rushing bb

  • Re : Change Smoke

    07. 15. 2011 02:33

I have to say, this is an awesome idea. Smoke is used and abused more than the T5 scout advantage these days, and its enough to drive you mad. I've seen multiple GB's where theres smoke from the mid area, all the way to the south, and then going up again. Its like nobody cares if they over-use the smoke, because with the events lately, you get more than you use in any given battle anyways - for Free! lol!

would be nice to see something like this implemented even in a less complicated form. Maybe have it act the same way smoke does now, only have form in the shape of a line (puffed out, like an oval shape) that follows the ship that burning the smoke canister. Maybe even have said canisters last for 3-6 seconds with maybe 30 second reloads, and smoke clouds lasting for 5-10 seconds (possibly having 2 types of smoke for extra cost)

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    07. 17. 2011 02:18

A very good idea!

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    07. 17. 2011 03:37

The only smoke a submarine used was when a crew member smoked a cigarette. =.=

Show me the historical proof that WWII submarines used smoke or made a smoke screen to hide themselves.

No, leave the current smoke system alone unless the use of smoke by subs is nullified since their primary weapon of hiding and/or evasion is to dive....not to use smoke to extend their surface time before they dive. :duh:

  • Re : Change Smoke

    07. 21. 2011 00:05

they could get rid of smoke for subs and have them come to the surface for air. They would recharge air quicklty or
they could deploy a snorkel which were used in ww2 to recharge air but this would be alot slower.
They would also become visable hwile using the snorkel

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