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  • SS Vickers lack of submersion time & speed

    10. 12. 2013 13:33


New player.

BO with +13 Growth
2nd planesman with +13 air supply
2nd engineer wit +23 ENG
2nd Sonar with +16 sonar
Heavy Torp with +26 Torp
And I have the deck gun spot

My problems:
1. The ship feels like it's peddle powered. I feel like the slowest ship in every match.

2. It's RARELY stays down long enough to reach anything I can shoot and when I do spot and close in the BB line behind uses my sighting to kill my target right as I come into range.

2a. Seriously, this idoit ship feels like the air tanks have holes in them. Why do other subs stay down 4x longer than I do?

3. In AAW my peddle powered sub turns too slowwwwwwww and has no rear torps. I've stopped trying to engage other subs.

4. If I stay on the surface about 50% of the time I am sunk or crippled with the 1st salvo aimed at me.

When you combine the lack of speed with lack of submersion amounts to a very frustrating "why bother experience".

Any ideas how to fix this? What am I doing wrong?


  • Re : SS Vickers lack of submersion time & speed

    12. 03. 2013 21:17



   Look at the SS guide for tips for playing each sub and understanding how the crew setup works.  

   For SS2, you can play ASW, but you play it with your tail, not faciing forward.  I killed a lot of KM SS with it that way.

   Then do the same thing as the Vickers, wait until the enemy BBs rush -- then hit them.  You will have to be very smart to get them in the normal BB line.  If the board has a lot of clouds, you may have success getting air in the middle of the board.  Again, be patient, at the beginning of the game, there are too many SS and ASW ships to be effective in the middle.

   Other suggestions.   My first crew was SS, but never had enough credits to buy anything.  Next crew went up the CL-CV line.  This gave me a chance to bring up the torpedo men and then get lots of credits.  I found CV easier to play than BB, though I was never very good with the fighters.

   You are going to want another crew to be brought up because have 4 engies is invaluable with IJN SS.  I brought up a third KM crew since their engies are so much higher than IJN and it gave me another line of ships to play with.  

    I think you can actually learn more with SS than gun line as you have more time to watch the game then worry about your angles.  I am still the game's worst BB player -- especially with 2 100+ BOs (SS) and a 87 BO (CV)!   

   Every time you level up, the subs become exponentially more exciting.  Also, realize the subs are designed for crews with levels near the top of the tier not the bottom, so you won't see as much advantage with crew members at the same level as the BO needs to be for the tier.  

     IJN subs in particular just take a lot of patience, smarts, and some luck.  They are the most destructive of the game, but they are not easy to play well.  


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