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  • Stalingrad survivability

    08. 23. 2011 00:35

The stalingrads submergenge, or something that affects its survivability, seems quite wrong.

I've experienced myself, and seen on others, it being sunk rather more easily than other bb4s. It might be my imagination, but it does seem very vulnerable, especially factoring in its speed.

What are other peoples opinions? I personally feel this isnt quite right. I would love for its range or damage to make up for being so easily sunk, but it doesnt because of its poor maneuverability and its often eratic spread.


  • Re : Stalingrad survivability

    09. 07. 2011 07:29

Originally Posted by richardphat

To be honest with you, expecting a bb4 to withstand a bb5, you're expecting too much hope.

I think SN isn't made for you.

The gun isn't an excuse, it is overpowered.

The boat alone is still amazing, 40 knots with 18 turning force is still pretty decent, small hitbox, average subergence. It is fast enough to dodge, run away,
Ask any decent bb3 driver with lower range and lower damage that deals a game easily with a 17 or 18 turning force. They perform well also in GB.

If you feel it is wrong, that stalingrad is that weak since it can't take hit, you have never play with H39 and Yamato.
Because they do get oneshot WAY WAY WAY easier than stalingrad and they either don't have the range or damage compared to stalingrad.

Yet, stalingrad has great survivability, with that small hitbox. I strongly believe it was your faulty that lead you to die most of the time.

If you expect a ship to be able to take more hit, choose next time, vanguard, lion1 or Iowa. But they don't have the range and damage compared to your stalingrad.

Off topic, AD is overpowered as hell, it takes a smart guy to roll a bb4/bb5/bb6 with that small ship.
So don't be shocked if it own you or the ship next to you.

And when you get your bb5/bb6, they won't be able to take hits at all.

-AD Is Overpowered and a lot of fun. But then again it is probably the only BB before H39 that can be any fun at level with the KM LOL.
-Agree, SN BB56 suck when it comes to damage resistance: Deal with it. Oh and join ONF and help this game get balanced :3

  • Re : Stalingrad survivability

    09. 07. 2011 07:31

Originally Posted by Benser33

Well fair enough, if everyone else believes its still too powerful right now, I know its the highest level ship i've used so far so I really dont know anything comparitively about its survivability, it just felt to me like it was broken, like most any other ship could take it out unless you run constantly because everything is faster and god forbid you ever try rush cos if you need to turn back youre screwed.

18 turning for may be pretty decent on paper, relatively it is not 'pretty decent'.

Like I said, it feels broken. Sinks others too easy, gets sunk too easy. Im sure that if SDE can break its offensive capability then they can its defensive aswell. I just dislike being sunk with frustrating ease early on by poor decision making, or sometimes just bad luck, and then watching other bbs trying to learn more about how they behave and how I can improve, and watching them take hits and hits and running off... turning better, retreating faster, moving in, dodging. Then, it's my turn again, and just nothing...

Changing both front and rear gun angles independently to land accurate hits while non parallel to my target is something ive recently started doing, which I'm not terribly good at yet, but I have done it a few times just to try not take a full salvo and it just doesnt seem to make any difference. The stalingrad might have superior range but its only MAX range, it does nothing from stopping other ships negating that bonus because it simply isnt maneuverable enough, then it just has its damage IF the player knows their angles.

I dunno, maybe I should just grind my UK crew instead, I was just asking if anyone else felt it was a bit wrong. I'm not saying it should be a tank, just that it seems to have dropped too low in terms of its defense. But like I said, 'seems', I dunno really. If its working as intended defensively I'll just have to make do. It's alot better than the Kronstadt, thats for sure...

TL:DR fair enough, just my thoughts


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