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  • (Poll) Should fighters have the ability to shoot at ships including submarines?

    03. 13. 2015 19:43

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Should fighters have the capability to engage all ship classes? 

Some pros i see about this, for low levels it would help them to get more experience, but obviously bigger ships will have better AA, but for low level fighters, wont be so bad to engage FF DD or some CL. The more damage their fighter inflicts on ships the more experience their pilots will get, but it wont increase the credits. Credits should stay as it is, shooting air down.


This thread lost the point.


  • Re : (Poll) Should fighters have the ability to shoot at ships including submarines?

    03. 17. 2015 05:42


Originally Posted by Humberto20

1st. Bombers inflicts more damage against ship, but their accuracy against small and fast ships not so good. However, fighters have better accuracy but their damage against ships, not so great compared to bombers. Makes sence? You are just assuming, to give them an overpowered ability so they can hit and destroy ships easily. Wrong, my point was, if fighter should have the ability To hit small ships such as FFDDSS and some cl. 

I think you missed trop. bombs and just talking about dive bombs...Trop. bombs are great on FFDDSS, just try it. Well, back to your point:

I can't aggress that Bombers' accuracy is low on small ships. That is all about player's skills. You can use the auto bombing funtion and miss for 99%, just like using auto FCS on BBs. But you can also use manual bombing and hit for 90% IF YOU HAVE SKILLS. Lazy guys get nothing and most are left for those hardworking, make sence?

And small ships are low on DP and also SD, once hit they will be sunk or at least disabled. So low accuracy on them is a balanced situation otherwise they will be killed very easily. And your suggestion is unbalace against those small ship and making them even harder to surive for some little damages in order to level up.

As i pointed out before, CVs already got enough ability to gain EXP and credit, strengthing them by your suggestion is pointless. And to other ship class, your suggestion just harmed their current abilities to gain EXP and credits. This is a bad idea with cons > pos. 

  • Re : (Poll) Should fighters have the ability to shoot at ships including submarines?

    03. 18. 2015 06:40


This thread is getting silly.


Should fighters be able to engage ship classes? No.

If I was really trying to promote discussion and grow this idea then I'd say that possibly fighters could be used to, at best, 'suppress' a ship, reducing repair rate or accuracy or something, but not causing damage. You could probably adapt AAW as a sailor stat and actual mechanic as a way to counter fighter suppression. However, both ideas are worthless right now due to the limitation imposed by the programming aspect of any changes, because whatever the change might be would definitely be a complex change. Just as so many other people in this thread said, it's not a good idea to begin and is beyond the development scope of SDE right now.


And "I understand all the implications because I am a game QA/Designer" doesn't change the fact that the job would be complex due to the age of the game engine and probably many other reasons beyond my immediate knowledge related to how that engine was built, how versatile and adaptable it is, what it was designed to be capable of. If you had any idea of what would be involved in developing NF from the state it is in now with the resources it has you would know this. I would expect any game designer earning more than $40k to be able to present an idea properly, since that is our job. You've included no reasoning for even adding this feature and not considered any balance implications, possible issues, affect on the player experience, just a short initial paragraph which was unsurprisingly not well recieved. I would expect them to have personal experience with having ideas turn out to be too difficult to implement many times, whether they were pre-planned ideas or new ideas during development or new features post-development, especially if you were trying to work with a very old in-house game engine that was made to do everything it was needed for at the time and nothing more. Simply put, it should not be so difficult to grasp that SDE more than likely couldn't implement such a feature right now.


Fighters fit a purpose in NF right now, CVs have the tools to damage ships if they wish, I can think of no reason why fighters should be able to. Infact, you presented no reason WHY either. You've tried to justify the mere existence of such a feature but why should it be added? Would it be fun? Would it give CVs something to do that they can't already? Would it add another tactical aspect to the game? Even if you think the answer to any of those is yes, would that reason justify the time and effort needed to bring it into the game? Just how fun would it be to be able to slowly whittle down a CL with fighters.


TLDR; No. Why did you even bother with this thread? Go waste time in one of your other threads.

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