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A War Vessel in Navy Field has many parts to it in which are required to operate in time you will learn what each and everyone of these by memory. However, you will get a feel for these components here.
  The first and main component is your engine. There are many types and variations of engines in Navy Field, and selecting that type of engine depends on your personal play style. You will notice first, when viewing the Engine list, is that each Engine has three (3) types; Light, Normal, and Heavy. As you compare these Engines you will notice that the Horse Power (HP) of each is different. Naturally the Engine with the most HP will give you more speed, however, a 'Light' Engine weights less, and thus gives you more space on your ship for other things, such as armor, or ammunition.
  This is the second most important component to equip on your ship. Without the FCS your bridge will have no sight, or aiming capabilities, thus you will not be able to use your weapons. As with the Engines, when viewing the menu to place an FCS on your ship you will notice that there are three (3) variations per FCS Type, you will see Aiming, Finder, and Auto. Each one has its own unique characteristics, and can be used for different ship classes or skill levels. If you are new to the game, it is highly recommended that you use the 'Auto' FCS so that you can become accustomed to the game before getting in to the advanced FCS. 'Aiming' enables players to manually target and angle their weapons. This FCS requires practice, and you should try learning this one on one with a friend in the clan area's, or against one of the training missions. You will also notice about the 'Aiming' FCS that the accuracy revision is higher than the other two FCS', which gives your guns a higher chance of being on target when firing. This FCS is ideal for BB's. Lastly, the 'Finder' FCS uses the same setup as the 'Aiming' FCS, and requires that you learn the manual controls to use it. The 'Finder' FCS has a higher 'Search Range' than the other two FCS', which allows you to spot incoming torpedoes from a farther distance than the others, at the cost of accuracy. This FCS is ideal for CV's.
  The armor of your ship is used to prevent damage taken to your ships hull, and enables you to stay alive longer. Each nation in Navy Field has its own strengths and weaknesses in armor types. These types are; Deck Armor, which provides defense against incoming 'High Angle' Fire (30+ Degree's), and Dive Bombs; Belt Armor, which provides defense against direct incoming fire ( 0 – 29 Degree angles); Bulge, which provides defense against torpedo, and naval mine damage; Bulk Head which gives your hull stronger overall defense by increasing your Structural Defense, and allowing you to maintain a higher cruising speed when damaged or crippled.
  Without guns, a warship could not perform in battle, thus it is important that you equip your ship with the best guns possible for your play style. As with the previous components you again will find three (3) such types of 'Main' guns to equip for your warship. When purchasing your guns, you will find N, L, and D type guns. Normal ('N') Type guns, are not specifically labeled, and normally go by just the regular gun name, for example '16'/45 Marks II”. These guns offer a standard option of range and firepower compared to the other two. The Long-range ('L') Type guns require a higher level than the other two guns and with that, offer the farthest range possible for its gun type, however the reload times may be slightly higher than the other two. The Reload ('D') Type guns, are more ideal for 'spray and pray' tactics, while they offer the fastest reload possible for its gun type, at the same time sacrificing range to obtain this ability. Alternately you will find the Anti-Aircraft ('A') type guns which can be used on either R, or T Group Mounts. These guns are specifically used to combat Aircraft only, and will do no damage to any Naval Vessel, enemy or friendly. You can also find Hedge-Hogs ('HH') which count as a gun and are used in either R, or T Group Mounts as well. These are used to combat Submarines.
  Ammunition for the guns is classed in to 4 main types of shells; HE (High Explosive), APC (Armor Piercing), AAA (Anti-Aircraft), and Hedge-Hog ('HH'). The HE rounds are standard rounds to deal the most 'Explosive' Damage to a ship. APC will deal direct damage to a ship's armor and will deal the most damage to an armored ship as opposed to very little damage to a non-armored ship. AAA will deal damage only to planes. HH is a type of depth charge that launches in groups to attack enemy submarines. Of course each type of ammunition has unique shells, and you will learn each of them in time.
  In the T Group mounts of your ship you can equip either Torpedo, Naval Mine, or Depth Charge Launchers. These launchers are only available to the T Group Mounts. Torpedo Tubes will come in various forums, depending on your nationality. They can fire anywhere from 1 through 5 binds of torpedoes depending on which launcher you equip. Naval Mine Launchers are available to launch mines which are immobile explosives that detonate when any ship comes in contact with them. Depth Charge Launchers are available to launch Depth Charges which are timed explosives and used to deal direct damage to submerges Submarines.
  There are four (4) types of planes with in Navy Field. Some of these are restricted only to CV's, while others are available to other types of Hybrid Naval Ships. The Reconnaissance ('R'), or Scout, planes are used to give sight to the team so that you can detect enemy ships with in areas farther than your line of sight. These planes have the ability to drop Naval Mines, or Star Burst flares (used in Night Battle mode only). Fighters ('F') are used to combat all other types of planes in Navy Field and can not hold any extra ordinance. Torpedo Bombers ('A'), are used to drop Areal Torpedoes at enemy ships. Dive Bombers ('B') are High Altitude Bombers which drop High Explosive Areal Bombs on to enemy ships.

(text by JPhoenix)